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Newcastle Home to Most Rogue Tradesmen


Newcastle home to most rogue tradesmen


Newcastle-upon-Tyne is home to more rogue tradesmen than anywhere else in the country, according to new research.


Workmen in the north east city are more likely to botch their work than anywhere else in the country, with 54 per cent of Geordie customers left with a badly finished job.


Eighty-six per cent of Newcastle residents claimed they have been left waiting by a tradesman who turned up late, while another 57 per cent said one failed to arrive at all.


And more than three quarters have also been left to clear up the mess left behind by a workman.


Second place in the poll, of 3,000 people who have had to call in a tradesman, went to Exeter, where 46 per cent of people said their contractors did not do the job properly.


Southampton came third in the poll with more than 45 per cent of the customers unhappy, followed by Liverpool and London.


Roman Russocki, Chief Executive of TrustMark, the Government backed, not for profit quality mark for tradesmen, which carried out the poll, said: "For many, it is expensive to get tradesmen in to do work in your home, so it is really important that the job is done well.


"But unfortunately, not all tradesmen work to the same high standards, with those in Newcastle seemingly worse than most on average. 


"Of course it only takes a few rogues to give everyone a bad name but one way of preventing any disappointment is to do your research before hiring someone to do a job in your home," he said.


Sheffield is home to the most honest and trustworthy workmen, with two thirds of residents saying they have never had to fix a botched job left behind by a rogue trader.


One in five people from the South Yorkshire city were completely satisfied with the finished job and rather than having to wait in, 45 per cent said the worker actually turned up early.


And 84 per cent would happily recommend their tradesman to friends or family.


Workmen in Belfast came second, with 63 per cent saying they were completely happy with their work, followed by Bristol, Leeds and Cambridge traders.


Researchers found that 43 per cent of Brits have hired a tradesman to do a job in their home, and been left with a botched jobs they have had to spend an average of £364.90 to put right.


And builders were named as the workmen most likely to leave behind a bad job, followed by plumbers, roofers, decorators and plasterers.


But it is not just botched jobs people have to put up with as 82 per cent have had a tradesman turn up late for a job, while 59 per cent have had someone fail to turn up at all.


One in 10 even said a workman had failed to come back after taking a lunch break.


41 per cent of people have had a tradesman turn up early.


Roman Russocki added: "Asking friends and neighbours, or indeed getting references from previous customers can help you to get an idea of the work a particular workman has done in the past and means you can hopefully rely on him to do the same in your home."  



Top ten cities with most rogue tradesmen

1.    Newcastle

2.    Exeter

3.    Southampton

4.    Liverpool

5.    London

6.    Manchester

7.    Aberdeen

8.    Glasgow

9.    Cardiff

10. Plymouth


Top ten cities with least rogue tradesman

1.    Sheffield

2.    Belfast

3.    Bristol

4.    Leeds

5.    Cambridge

6.    Oxford

7.    Coventry

8.    Brighton

9.    Portsmouth

10. Swansea


Tradesmen most likely to leave jobs unfinished/botched

1.    Builders

2.    Plumbers

3.    Roofers

4.    Painters and decorators

5.    Plasterers

6.    Electricians

7.    Gas fitters/engineers

8.    Tilers

9.    Garden landscapers

10. Glaziers