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An 'Early Day Motion' has been proposed by Newcastle North MP Catherine McKinnell stating:

"that a legal requirement should be placed upon contractors who secure public contracts to employ apprentices; and considers that the public procurement process provides a major opportunity for investment in skills training and future employment."

In a nutshell, Ms McKinnell is maintaining that any contractor that wins tenders for/carries out contracts for Public Bodies/Local Authorities should be legally required to take on an Apprentice(s) and thus investing in the future of the workforce.

The motion, proposed on 07/09/2010, has been signed by a total of 59 MPs including 12 from the North East, among them MPs for; Newcastle North, Newcastle Central, North West Durham, Gateshead and North Tyneside.

It has long been a view that the future of skills development is in the hands of the contractors working today. It is up to them to recruit individuals, train them and thereby ensuring that that the future of construction is in safe hands. If the contractors don't recruit the apprentices of today, where will the skilled trades-people of tomorrow come from? Yes, we are in a 'downturn', work is 'scarce', but those companies who invest in new blood today will reap the benefits tomorrow. Those businesses who don't invest today will face the prospect of an 'ageing' workforce, with outdated skills. Where would you rather be?

Want to take on an Apprentice?

CITB-ConstructionSkills are the largest 'Managing Agency' for Apprenticeships in the country. Here is some advice:

Taking on an apprentice is a good way to add extra skills to your business, making you better able to compete for business. They are also an extra pair of hands that you can train to do things your way.

Apprentices combine college learning with on-site experience to ensure the right balance of technical skills and practical experience. This means that you end up with a properly qualified and competent worker.

ConstructionSkills is the leading provider of construction apprentices:

  • Dedicated Apprenticeship Officers support both you and your apprentice throughout the whole Apprenticeship
  • Over 40 years' experience in construction and training delivery through a network of over 160 colleges
  • Over 81% of ConstructionSkills apprentices complete their full framework. 10% higher than the national average for the industry.

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